Would you like to support a campaign that strives for early childhood development, to ensure better education for children and families or save lives via our service to animals?

Contact us to assist you with your CSI spend. We guarantee to increase your Rand-to-Benefit Ratio when you need to make annual contributions in order to receive the necessary BBBEE points. The employee involvement program gives an opportunity for your staff members to be involved in the most productive way while your company reaps the benefit of their involvement. Contact us if you want a guarantee that your next company donation will be money well spent!! Our charitable trust "Legacy through Charity" is a registered NPO as well as PBO with Art 18A SARS status.

Charity Support Services is a safe and trustworthy place to give – no matter where you choose to contribute: National Tekkie Tax Day / our NGO Empowering Program or sponsoring Special Projects via our charitable trust; Legacy through Charity. So where does your heart lie? Whether you want to donate big or small - we have just the right project for you. Anything from as small as providing food to the homeless to more expensive projects like the upgrading of facilities or transport needs.All money donated will go directly to the project or organisation of your designation, and we'll provide you with pictures and video material of how your donation was expended, so that you can not only have peace of mind that your valued contribution is being put to good use, but also so that you can witness the impact you are making and truly experience the essence and enjoyment of giving.

Your donation makes a difference!

  • Would you like to help children and families via our service to animals?
  • Would you like to focus on a service to older people – often forgotten by society?
  • Do you prefer to be involved in a project that focuses on the protection of children?
  • Or would you like to support a campaign that strives for early childhood development, to ensure better education.
For your contribution you will receive the necessary BBBEE documents and Art 18A SARS certificate. But more than this, you will know that your donation made a REAL difference...by alleviating suffering, or improving the opportunity of someone to overcome their circumstances and live a better life without the further need for assistance.