The program focuses on the following four important elements:

Passionate People

Any successful business needs skilled staff members to run and manage the organisation. The same principle applies for a welfare organisation. Most often staff members of a NGO are very passionate about their work, yet lack the necessary business skills to run the organisation in the most effective way. They try their utmost, but by working in such a challenging environment they develop a scarcity consciousness and the end result is that the welfare organisation ends up in the circle of starvation.

The NGO Empowerment program focuses on developing individuals who are working at a welfare organisation. We empower them by developing their skills and raising their self image. Leadership, team work, accountability and personal growth are high on the agenda.

Although everything is done to develop the person who enrolled in the program, it will ultimately be up to the individual to make the best of the opportunity. We therefore need people who are coachable, open to new ideas and committed to their own growth.

Terrific Technology

There is a high level of computer illiteracy in the NGO sector. People are not aware of the many tools available to assist in their fundraising efforts and even if they are aware of something, they lack the skills and confidence to use technology to its full potential. We assist welfare organisations with something as basic as Microsoft Excel training (in order to maintain a donors database) and introduce them to a vast range of more advanced technology tools, programmes and opportunities available to them. People who enroll in the program should have at least a basic level of computer literacy, the necessary computer equipment and access to internet.

Magic Marketing

Most welfare organisations know where to find the media if they run into a cash flow problem or desperately need to sell tickets for their upcoming fundraising event. But sadly they do not have a marketing strategy and branding is a foreign concept to most. We believe that the main purpose of a marketing strategy is to instill trust in the organisation. Unless the public trust a welfare organisation, it will not support it financially.

The NGO Empowerment Program focuses on marketing and branding and makes a national media database available to them. We focus on creating marketing tools for the organisations and teach the individuals how to add value back to their donors. We assist them with the filming of testimonials and address the fear of doing a radio interview! During the course of the program you will learn that social media should not only be used, it should be used correctly in order to build the credibility of the organisation.

Fearless Fundraising

Most welfare organisations struggle with fundraising and therefore we also focus on developing new fundraising models for them. We evaluate their current fundraising strategy and together we adjust, adapt and come up with new projects. Successful fundraising is the end result of not only doing things right, but also doing the right things in the organisation. Although fundraising is always high on the priority list, the NGO Empowerment Program focuses on the fact that unless the NGO have Passionate People with the necessary skills, making use of Terrific Technology tools available and develop a Magic Marketing strategy, Fearless Fundraising will be a wish rather than a reality.

This is what some of our previous participants said about their involvement

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If you do what you have always done, you will have what you always had. Be Brave - Take action!

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