A = Animals

Help us to reach out to our furry friends, the ones that cannot fend for themselves. From domestic animals to abattoirs to wildlife and everything in between, let us make the world a better place for animals and attend to environmental issues in this sector. Jip, you guessed right - we DO want to make (the entire) world a better place. Your donation to the Animal sector will support the following organisations:

Hungry, abandoned, sick or abused, the animals we take into our care at the Kuruman Animal Welfare needs as much help and affection as they can get. We acknowledge all animals as sentient beings and strive to prevent their cruelty and exploitation. We aim to achieve this by proactively promoting animal welfare, enforcing animal protection legislation, and prosecuting offenders. We maintain a high profile within the community through visibility and interaction. We have the best personnel who project enthusiasm and commitment to our cause and to each animal. We make it our mission to prevent cruelty to animals and confiscating abused or neglected animals and reunite lost animals with their owners through our lost-and-found service. The animals in our care are provided with water, nutritious food, shelter, blankets, and access to veterinary care. Our kennel staff, assisted by volunteers, are at hand to give them love and affection.

The primary goal at Be Wise Sterilise NPC is to educate and to promote awareness amongst the South African public on the importance of sterilisations for domestic animals. Our secondary goal is raise funds nationally through Project R50 to sponsor sterilisation projects in communities that cannot afford to pay for these services. Through these goals we are committed to fight the biggest animal welfare problem in the world "THE LACK OF STERILISATION". Our mission is therefore to continue to convince and to support the public on the importance of sterilisation as part of the fight against animal cruelty and to do so by always striving to provide accurate information, continuous support and to always be transparent in our quest as a registered Public Benefit Organisation. We always challenge the community to come spend time at shelters to understand and to see the impact on animal shelters because of people that are not being responsible pet owners. Sterilise your pet today, because there are not enough homes!