B = Bring Hope

The welfare organisation (NGO) field in South Africa stretches across hundreds of thousands of organisations, covering numerous areas of need. This is a section for organisations that, amongst others, render various services in the poorest of the poorest communities in our country. Services to older persons, poverty alleviation, HIV/AIDS patients and just what the name of this sector says: Bring Hope. Your donation to this sector will benefit the following organisations so your donations will for sure be in safe hands!

NG Welfare is a welfare organisation with the aim of bringing some token of God’s love to people in need. The focus is on individuals and families in need. We render family and child care services, care for older persons and community work services. Our well-established infrastructure and high quality services position us as a leader in our fields of expertise. More than 25 service points (welfare offices, homes for the elderly, child- and youth care centres and community development centres) are accessible in the North West Province as well as the south-western areas of Gauteng. Our Bring Hope Division is also a Family Care Division that provides professional social welfare services to protect children and enhance family life. We have been involved in family care services for the past 80 years. We want to continue our endeavours in making a difference in the lives of people who have to deal with various difficulties, problems, hardship, misfortune and adversity. Faith, Hope and Love in action.
MOWCS serves the basic needs of the poorest of the poor, the vulnerable, the disabled and the elderly and children in society. The “Cooked Meal” forms the basis of the basket of services that MOWCS renders to alleviate the basic needs of the poorest of the poor, the vulnerable, the disabled and the elderly and children in society. We are well aware that providing a meal to the poorest of the poor is the first step in mobilising these individuals for their daily tasks.Meals on Wheels is a humanitarian initiative that strives to bring relief to the country’s less fortunate and aged, irrespective of colour, class or culture. As far as possible, help is granted wherever it is needed.MOWCS serves the basic needs of the poorest of the poor, the vulnerable, the disabled and the elderly in society. The poorest of the poor refer to persons with little or no income such as old age pension, disability pension, and child care grants etc. The vulnerable include women with children, child headed households and orphans.
Free State Care in Action runs 17 social work offices in all regions of the Free State. Social work is aimed at preventing social problems such as alcohol and drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, sexual abuse, family violence and child neglect. Preventive services are rendered in the form of awareness and counseling programmes to various target groups within the broad community. This includes holiday projects, family camps, job creation and nutrition projects. 53,431 persons were reached by means of preventive services during the past financial year. Statutory services are provided in cases where problems are of such a serious nature that statutory intervention by means of the children's or criminal court is necessary. Statutory action is only taken as a last resort, and is preceded by intensive services. This entails that children can be removed from their parents' care and placed in adoptive, foster or institutional care. Persons who are guilty of serious alcohol abuse may be referred to rehabilitation centres. Social workers also submit reports to the criminal courts, with recommendations regarding the desirability of prosecuting the offender or imposing a suitable sentence.A total of 5608 children are currently in foster care within our organisation. Most of these children have lost one or both parents due to HIV/AIDS, and are cared for by family members (often grandparents).
SAVF (SA Vrouefederasie) renders social services and welfare related services. This includes services with regard to child and youth care, statutory work, foster care and care in children's homes. We also do developmental programs, job creation and life enhancement programs. SAVF gives support to individuals and families in combating poverty; we support the aged as well as disabled persons. We have been rendering services in SA since 1904 and today we have an extensive network of about 186 organisations on ground level.