Do not judge us by our words alone, but by our actions (and our history). We have thousands of examples of the difference your Tekkie Tax and other donations have made over the years.

Meals on Wheels: “In South Africa, there are 12 million people facing hunger every day. Meals on Wheels are currently serving just over a million people per month, so the task has only just begun! We constantly need more funds to fill as many hungry tummies as we can and your Tekkie Tax donations helped us to do that.”
Ubambiswano: “Funds raised with the Tekkie Tax campaign was used to buy much needed resources in our classroom. We bought equipment for the teachers and stationary and learner resources for the children”

Koster Tuiste vir Bejaardes: "We utilised the proceeds from Tekkie Tax to buy nappies for our frail elderly. It sounds like something simple, but it is an expensive and very necessary."

SOS Children's Villages: “The Tekkie Tax money went into the running costs of taking care of 6,000 children that are under our care and it will be used towards education costs for these children.”
Epilepsy South Africa: “There are an increasing amount of persons with epilepsy requesting support and information. We used the Tekkie Tax donations to look after people with epilepsy and other disabilities in our residential care facilities.”
Siyabonga Care Village: “We support vulnerable children in all areas and the money was used to distribute more food for these children.”

This is what some of our NGO Empowerment participants say about their involvement in the Programme

Jenny van Heerden - Child Welfare Tarkastad

Lize du Plooy - Sustainability Manager

Germa Hattingh - Imisebeyalanga Services

Vinette Roos - East Rand Portective Workshop